Will I get banned?

No, not that we would know.
We respect the ToS of Guild Wars 2, and only use the official APIs that are provided by ArenaNet.
Not convinced yet? Then…

  1. We tried. Early versions of WARP are used since late 2019. Nobody ever got banned for it.
  2. We’re open about it. WARP was announced in the official forums in early 2020.
  3. ANet likes overlays. ArenaNet supports overlay development competitions, here and here. They also shared videos using overlays.
  4. WARP is not the only one. BlishHud and TacO are only two of multiple similar long-running overlays without bans.
  5. ANet warns before bans. If ArenaNet wants to ban something that is in the “grey area”, they would inform the players beforehand, like they did with the Machinima addon (which did NOT use the official API).
  6. WARP is a separate program. WARP works as an overlay, which means that it does not tamper with your GW2 client or memory. It is as disconnected from GW2 as e.g. Discord.

In the end, WARP is still (as any program) “use at your own risk”.
Or as ArenaNet’s policy on third-party programs puts it:
“With that said, we are aware that some utilities help players without affecting others; that is, they do not give one player an advantage over another. While, in general, we will not take action on an account for the use of such a utility program or modification, action is subject to ArenaNet’s discretion. You use any third-party program at your own risk.”

Will I loose my profiles when I switch computers?

No, your profiles are stored on the WARP server. So your profiles are save, even if you change computers or re-install WARP.

Should I close it during PvE?

No, you don’t have to. WARP uses minimal PC resources and should not affect your framerate.

How do I completely delete WARP?

If you want to completely remove WARP from your PC (e.g. for a full reinstallation), do the following: 1) Delete the folder with the WARP executable 2) delete the warp_patcher.exe right next to it 3) your settings folder (C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Documents\Guild Wars 2\addons\warp).

Does WARP work with…

…my computer?

Yes, if it runs Windows. Also, WARP is designed to also run on low-end systems. We would love to have it run on Linux, but sadly the whole overlay magic is very specific to the OS.

…with other overlays?

Yes, as far as we’ve seen, WARP works without problems with other overlays. If you encounter any problems, please tell us on Discord.

…with Reshade/Gshade?


…with multiple accounts?

Yes. WARP automatically switches accounts, if you log in to another account. 

I’ve got a problem/question! What should I do?

You can look for a solution in our troubleshooting section. Otherwise just join our Discord and ask there, or write me (Sunija#6598) directly!

Who are you?

Hi, thanks for asking, I’m Sunija! <3

I’m a game programmer/designer, roleplaying for 15+ years and playing GW2 since release.

I find it fascinating that no MMO developer ever designed tools for RP, but the community always found ways to experience awesome interactive stories nonetheless. But I think RP can be even better, if there are some tools, features and tutorials specially designed for RP – so I thought, I’m gonna make those.

Also, I love to introduce new players to RP. I think there are a lot of people – especially outside of the MMO bubble – that would enjoy RP but never tried it, due to a lack of interactive tutorials. So if you got friends that didn’t try RP yet, why not invite them to a round? 😉