Patch 1.0.1 – Stability & Bugfixes!❤️

❗NA players!❗ Please go to “WARP settings -> Region”. If it is not set to NA, please change it and click “Restart WARP”. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Everyone who’s installation didn’t work yet:
You are not forgotten! I just needed to release this patch in between, so the server doesn’t crash daily. :3

Important changes:
🔸Mini Charlist goes invisible when you are alone. Will be optional in the future.
🔸15k icons added. Should finally be all. :3
🔸Icon list has a “jump 10 pages” button. Increases the life expectancy of your mouse by 2 years.
🔸Fix: Example post is displayed! Or whatever you wrote there. 😉
🔸Fix: Mini charlist can be placed at screen border, without hover info going off-screen. Was it just me who was annoyed by that?
🔸Fix: Scrolling online list should work now. Need a lot of people to test that again. 😉
🔸Fix: Char sheet cogwheel is now safe to use. I don’t plan on adding any more “randomly crash everything” buttons in the future.

Smaller Changes:
🔸Charlist doesn’t show useless IP teleports anymore
🔸Removed “in beta” from the start page
🔸Mini charlist hides [X] unless you hover it
🔸Fix: Dropdowns in account sheet are translated now
🔸Dropdown backgrounds are less transparent for better readability
🔸Aspect background less transparent for better readability
🔸Fix: During setup, if NA is selected by default, you will get NA
🔸Fix? Switching characters doesn’t work MIGHT be fixed. If not, please shout. <3
🔸Server logs more debug information to find out why it was crashing