Patch 1.0.3 – More basic features!

Updating: If you had trouble…

1) Restart GW2.
2) If necessary, double click warp_patcher.exe (found via windows search)
3) Didn’t work? Write here!

More support!

  • Windows 7: supported!
  • Windowed mode: supported!
  • Fullscreen mode: supported with DX11!**
  • Laptops: Less performance impact*

Less horrible bugs!

  • Taskbar doesn’t disappear anymore
  • “Action camera” bug fixed! :party:
  • No clicks blocked by invisible mini char list

*New: Icon search*

  • Search for icons by tag, name or ID
  • No more clicking through hundreds of pages
  • Right Click → Compare icons when you cannot decide 😉
  • EoD icons added

*New: Notes tab!*

  • Write private notes (backstory, diary, status,…)
  • Never forget your inventory again 😉

*New: Hidden feature!*

  • Hint: “An old friend is seeking knowledge. You might want to pay her a visit.”
  • Tip: Gather friends and brainstorm! It’s hard to find alone.
  • First person to PM me [the thing] wins 25 gold!

Smaller changes:

Online list

  • Right-click to whisper/invite
  • EoD zones added

Character Sheet

  • Character renamed / deleted? Copy any of your sheets with the cogwheel.
  • Save your sheet with ctrl+s! (Instead of clicking the button)
  • Drag’n’Drop “at first glance” aspects to switch their sorting

Mini char list

  • Got a bit wider, so the scrollbar doesn’t hide icons
  • Cannot be pushed completely off-screen
  • …and if it gets lost, there’s a “Reset windows” button in the settings now 😉

Account info

  • Fix: Dropdowns don’t reset in editor anymore

Small fixes

  • Map icons scale with screen size
  • Settings: Up to 250% dpi scaling for reeeally big screens
  • Fix: Character hovering disabled if GW2 is not open
  • Fix: Unclosable character info doesn’t pop up randomly anymore

    *Laptop performance: Please tell me if it improved for you! We could only test it on few laptops yet.

    ** Fullscreen mode without DX11: Everything works, but GW2 will tab out if you click in an input field. So, it’s a bit annoying, but possible, if your GW2 only works in fullscreen mode. Sorry for that, and I’ll see if I can find a fix! :3